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Commercial Property

Need to sell a commercial property quickly?

Do you have you a shop, office, industrial unit, storage yard, pub, B&B, hotel or care home that you need to sell quickly? Are you having problems finding a suitable buyer? Or perhaps you’re wondering whether to lease it instead?

Do you have an empty commercial property that’s being taxed or incurring other charges? Maybe you have tenants paying a low rent? Or perhaps you’re thinking about changing the use of a commercial property but are unsure how to go about it?

Does your commercial property requires a degree of refurbishment? Is it derelict, vandalised or unsafe? Perhaps the land is contaminated or in an awkward location? Or have you begun to make improvements but the funding has dried up?

Maybe you need to sell a commercial property for health or financial reasons? Or you’re moving away from the Yorkshire area, retiring or simply need to sell the property to free up some cash?

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